I am a KIMONO STYLIST, and I live in Los Angeles.
I also provide kimono and kimono accessories, if requested. 
I have worked in the movie industry in Hollywood and LA as a Kimono Stylist.
I would like to share my experiences with you which I obtained through my work in the film industry.  I also would like to share with you about a charming  experiences I had with my clients in my Kimono class.

Work experience:

Kimono Dressing for BET Awards

The Grammy Awards, to the winner in men's formal kimono, Hakama;
The LA Film Festival for advertising shoot
The MC at LA Eiga Fest
Nisei Queen and Court in photo shoot
* Miss Asian Pageant
* Hollywood model photo shoot
* Film shooting of the comedy, Turning Japanese
* Film shooting of the comedy, Funny People
* Making of music video of Turning Japanese
* Many kimono shows
* Private weddings/wedding anniversaries/private and public special events

* LA Eiga Fest MC  Kimono dressing